Janine Hill

My dear carp fishing community, My name is Janine I'm 25 years old and very interested in carp fishing since this year.
First I was just watching it silently, but when I pulled my first carp out of the water all by myself, I knew I am crazy about it!

I learned a lot about carp fishing this year and I noticed that not only getting the fish out of the water but also fishing in the untouched nature became a huge part in my life. (even though there are so many insects or mice, which often loose their way in our tent.)

In addition I really enjoy meeting new people from the fishing community.
For me, carp fishing is fishing with people I enjoy spending time with people from the fishing community and a tolerant acquaintance with all the other fishermen and women.

I would be glad to get your vote. Who knows we might see each other at the lake. I wish all of you a great time during fishing.

warm regards Janine